Monthly Archive: April 2012


Install DKIM in Postfix using openDKIM

1. Install prerequisites ===========yum install sendmail-devel openssl-devel=========== 2. Install OpenDKIM Download then extract OpenDKIM. Change to the extracted directory and run configure, make and then, as root, make install. ===========wget -zxf opendkim-2.4.2.tar.gzcd opendkim*./configuremake...


Identfy spamming accounts in cPanel servers

For detailed troubleshooting on Spamming issue in cPanel servers, refer the following link. In this post, we have provided the script to identify accounts that is senting more mails in a day. ==============awk...


Plesk Panel redirecting to URL: hostname:11444

At times, when we access the Plesk panel by accessing the following URL: ========https://hostname:8443======== It will be redirecting to the following URL: ========http://hostname:11444======== In this case, you will not be able to access the...