Monthly Archive: February 2012


Installing Domainkeys, DKIM in postfix

How to install dkim and domainkeys in postfix? DomainKeys works by signing outbound e-mail messages with a cryptographic signature which can be verified by the recipient to determine if the messages originates from an...


CloudFlare and its used

CloudFlare: How to speed up my customers blog or website? You are the owner of a web-hosting company with N number of shared servers.Customers keeps complaining that the website/blogs are slow or the loadingtime...


Script to grep a word inside a tar file

search=”123″tar -tf one.tar | while read filenamedo if [ -f “${filename}” ] then mv “${filename}” “${filename}.sav” fi # tar -xf one.tar “${filename}” # found=`grep -l “${search}” “${filename}”` if [ ! “${found}””X” = “X” ]...


Find roundcube version provided by the cPanel and upgrade the roundcube

How to find roundcube version provided by the cPanel? The roundcube version provided by the cPanel is 0.5.4.===-bash-3.2# cat /var/cpanel/roundcube/version0.5.4.cp11130.1-bash-3.2#=== cPanel dicument regarding the roundcube==== Upgrade rouncube version /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube –forcecd /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/mv roundcube roundcube-backupwget


ASSP and other mail bounce back number These are the ASSP spam filtere bounce back mails code Please note, that each bounce message is different. Therefore, information relating to addresses, IP numbers, and domain names listed below will differ from...


configure exim + sorbs RBL blacklist Exim 4.x is a lot more configurable and hence there is more detail to add… These entries are normally added to the acl_rcpt ACL in the exim.conf file. The default/example exim configuration should...


Maldet scanner for cPanel

Installation=========wget -xzvf maldetect-current.tar.gzcd maldetect-*sh After running the install script , the installation will complete with in seconds and you will be provided with successful installation output, in this information some of the...