Increase the access Speed of the site using .htaccess Cache

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  1. Cloud Server says:


    Thanks for sharing.

    Actually i am not a technical person but i want to increase the speed of my website so i sent this code to my technical team and i got a reply that you are using windows hosting service and this code will run only those website who are hosted on Linux it correct? Please let me know.

  2. Hemanth Kumar N says:

    Yes, Exactly.

    The windows server cannot recognize the .htaccess file. This is a perfect script that runs over the linux servers which enhance the website speed.

    If you like to increase the website speed in windows server, you can download and install the CloudFlare in the server which can improve the domain speed via temporary cache method.

    Kindly have the URL mentioned below to know about the cloulFlare

  3. digital signature software says:

    This is something which is of use for everyone. This post tells you how you can increase access speed of your site using .htaccess. This is one of the easiest ways to do that thing. Thanks for explaining this method to all of us.

  4. Hello digital signature software,

    Thank you for the comments. We will continue to update many related posts as the same as above.

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