cPanel in Command line

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  1. Thomas John Paul says:

    you can open the files using VI Editors right, to edit settings.Thats not mentioned 🙁

  2. Hemanth says:

    Hello John,

    Yes, I do agree that you can open a file using vi…. however that is basics of linux. This post is completly about cPanel command line.

    If you like to know about linux command line basics, there are other posts in my blog to surf…. Plz have a look at it on basics command line for linux…..

  3. Nistha adhikari says:

    cPanel is used to control and manage the website, from the cPanel you can have control to manage your software, config options, scripts, databases etc.

  4. Nistha adhikari says:

    With the web hosting services, you are provided a cPanel which is the better way to manage your scripts and functions according to their use.

  5. frederick computer says:

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